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Best Telegram Channels Hindi, English & Hindi Dubbed Web Series, TV Serial NETFLIX

Now a days everyone knows what is Telegram. For those who are new to this app, let us tell You that Telegram is one of the best app for Chat, share, channels, groups & video calling with many more features like developer API etc. If You are looking for some best alternate of Whatsapp then it is Telegram. So, You are here for some best of Telegram Channel for Web Series, TV Serial from Web based channels like NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Zee5, AMC, HoiChoi etc. for Hindi & English web series or serials, then You are at right place.

Best Telegram Channels for NETFLIX, Hindi, English, Dual & Hindi Dubbed web series

    Index of Top 5 Telegram Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Channels

    Below You can see list of top Five Hindi Dubbed channel of Telegram. We have made this list according to our research. Following to this table list You can check description and our ratings on each of this channel in Ascending order as per its ratings. Instead of sharing an non-active channels or channels with mix content it is good to show only that is active and dedicated in category of Hindi Dubbed or Hindi Web Series.

    Channel Name Telegram Channel Link
    GDrive Private https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEdrceDjyAF5WngWAA
    Movies Inc https://t.me/movies_inc
    Movies Paradise https://t.me/moviesparadise
    Marvel Movies https://t.me/CC_Marvel
    Hollywood Movies https://t.me/HollywoodMoviezz

    Factors & Reasons we kept on mind while rating this 5 hollywood channels of Telegram

    There are some factors while subscribing an channel. While as You are searching for Telegram Hindi Movies Channel, then notification or annoying pops messages from these channels may irritate You when You are just expecting Hindi Movies. Apart from that many of this Telegram channels also shows up advertisements and asking You to join some other channels or group.
    Based on such factors, below are the details of above Telegram Hindi Movies Channels in details.

    No. 1 on Top 5 - Telegram Hindi &  Channels - GDrive Private

    As the name "GDrive Private", basically it is about Hindi, English & Hindi Dubbed Web Series from channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, zee5 & many more channels that has Hindi Language series or serials. About 98.5% of their links are of google drive. This channel has always keep us to love it due to following reasons:
    • NO Ads related to promoting other Telegram Channels or Group or 
    • No Repeated Contents. .
    • Detailed & Descriptive post on movies & Web Series
    • Only Shares link in Hindi / English or Hindi dubbed Languages.
    • Uses URL Shorteners for content links.
    • Most Importantly they are having 90-95% of links in Google Drive.
    • Joining link: Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Web Series

    No. 2 on Top 5 - Telegram Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Channels - Movies INC

    Movies Inc is an nice channel though in this category. Having about 2.5m members.
    • Ads related to promoting other Telegram Channels or Group & Youtube promotionals.
    • No Repeated Contents.
    • Short Description of Movie & file.
    • Uses direct download links & sometimes links towards an torrent site.
    • Content frequency is fine
    • Joining link: https://t.me/movies_inc

    No. 3 on Top 5 of Telegram Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Channel - Movies Paradise

    Movies Paradise channel is having about 55k members at time of writing this.
    • Lot of Ads, almost after every post they are having advertisement & promotions for other Telegram groups and/or channels that is not relative to movie category.
    • No Repeated Contents.
    • NO description of Movie at all just the title and direct download link.
    • Updating frequency is very less.
    • Promoting some non-playstore apps. Hence compromising security of Your mobile.
    • Joining link: https://t.me/moviesparadise

    No. 4 on Top 5 of Telegram Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Channel - Marvel Movies

    As the name of the Channel suggests "Marvel Movies", it is dedicated channel for Hollywood Movies from Marvel only.
    • Lot of Ads, almost after every post they are having advertisement & promotions for other Telegram groups and/or channels that is either or not even relative to Hollywood Movies.
    • No Repeated Contents.
    • Description is only about Movie name, quality & Language of Movie.
    • Provides direct download links from Telegram.
    • OK, but having annoying  posts of those advertisements notifications bells every now and then along with the useless polls.
    • Joining link: https://t.me/CC_Marvel

    No. 5 on Top 5 of Telegram Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Channel - Hollywood Movies

    Lots of Ads & polls activities un-relative to Hollywood Movies

    •  for promotional activities of some Youtube channels, other channels promotions, buying selling etc.
    • No Repeated Contents.
    • No description of Movie at all. Just title
    • Direct downloads for Telegram & Channel subscribers.
    • Fine, if You are comfortable with surveys, Youtube tomato or other useless funny videos.
    • Joining link: https://t.me/HollywoodMoviezz

    Hopefully from above article now You are clear that what Telegram Movie Channel to join for Hollywood Movies. You might have also come some factors while choosing an channel that suits Your best need. From All the above mentioned Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Channel although not dedicated but GDrive Movies is the best solution according to us due to above mentioned factors and comparison to other Hindi & Hindi Dubbed Channel. Telegram Channel for Hindi Web Series, Telegram Channel for Hindi Dubbed Web Series, Telegram channel Netflix India web series download, telegram channel of Hindi Movies, telegram channel for Hindi dubbed movies, telegram channel of Hollywood Movies, Telegram channel for Bollywood movies. telegram channel to download web series, telegram channel to download Hindi Movies, Telegram channel to download Bollywood Movies, telegram channel to download from google drive.

    Warning! Downloading or watching movies from unauthentic sources is crime. We are no way affiliated with above mentioned channels and/or Telegram.

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