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Checklist make money url shortener in India and outside for 2020

Friends, we have seen that almost all URL Shortener to make money with whether its from India or outside, after few time get disappear. So what is the problem?

Best not paying url shortener in India and outside for 2020

Well, accept it or not, but we the publisher are responsible for this. We publishers are looking for Highest paying URL Shorteners in India or You can say our query is what is the highest paying url shortener. But is it an right question? Another thing we publisher looks for is an url shortener to earn money with is without captcha or no captcha. Friends, if You come across such url shortener, just simply leave that site, as that is not going to last long and You will end up in setting up all Your links to some other best url shortener to make money with.

No lactures, but if are looking for either highest paying url shortener in 2020 or if You are looking for url shortener to earn money with captcha or no captcha, then sorry to say You will surely end-up with frustrating results of no payment issue. Because Truth is that, an genuine best paying url shortener will have popups, tricky ads and human verification system so as to generate more revenue, to avoid THEIR account being banned from advertising network they are using. It is simple rule, if they will earn more, they will automatically increase rates as they too wish to have more and more publishers.

    Checklist for avoiding scam with URL Shortener to make money in India

    So, instead of discussing about highest paying link shortener in India or outside, Today here we will discuss about the best and most NON PAYING url shortener that claims to let You earn money in India and outside. You can see this article on some Indian Paying url traffic that is legit and stable url shorteners to make money with in 2020. We have seen an blog where it claims for top 40 Highest paying url shortener, well they update the list, but its not truth that all of those 40 are paying, believe it or not, some of this url shorteners belongs to that blog owner. So without losing time, there are few factors before choosing an url shortener to make money with. Below is an check-list before You signup with any link shortener for making or earning money:

    1. Is this url shortener running on cheap single or couple of .xyz domains?
    This URL Shortener is an ready solution, even an novice can start such site, but without funding cannot run it, so if they are running on cheap domain, stay alert! they are low on funds and cannot pay You.

    2. Does this link shortener have an proper SSL Certificate without error?
    SSL tells lot of things about an site, an quick thing is whether its an free or paid ssl? if paid then good, if not then think twice before joining this url shortener. Apart from this, without an proper SSL Your user may get red button, which no one likes and leave. One more reason for ssl is that, now a days https:// are mendatory in some Countries like India, without an proper SSL One cannot have https:// and that click will not count, You will not earn any thing from that visit, Your user will leave up that site & Your's too!

    3. Does this url shortener have quick support system?
    Keep an message to them after signup, with some query, let us see how long they take to reply. The sooner best, delay in replies means less on support or single person operated site, means again Your hard worked links are on danger!

    4. Do they have mentioned their address, phone No. etc. contact details on their site?
    If they are transparent, they will definitely mention it on the site.

    5. Is their signing, url shortened link page is fast in Loading?
    If not, You may loose money, You may loose Your hard earned subscribers / users as no One likes slow loading or no loading page. Neither You & we!

    6. Does this url shortener they have an active FB, Twitter, Whatsapp and / or Telegram channel or Group?
    Check on how frequently they update on their social channels or group. This will show activeness which shows their seriousness in this business.

    So, now You know that what to do and what to avoid before joining up with some "so called" best url shortener paytm or paypal paying. Soon we will publish an article on recent list of Indian top not paying url shortener, that You have to stay away if You do not wish to take risk on Your links or labouring. Along with the reasons for keeping them on that list.

    How did You find this article? do we need to add or remove any point? Share Your thoughts by commenting below.
    If You want to join any such url shortener to make money with but not sure whether to go for it or not and wish to have our opinion on that, then please share links of that url shortner by commenting below or alternatively by joining our new telegram channel on making money with url shortener.

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